About us

Engineering for Energy Environment and Engines

EN4 was born in 2006 as Academic Spin-off of the University of Perugia. The experience gained from research allowed from the beginning to get a rigorous and scientific approach to testing issues.

EN4 develops test benches for automotive, manufacturing, mechanical, and electromechanical industries, both for R&D and End of Line purpose.

Following the entire process of product development, from hardware design, prototyping on small scale, software development to the production of the final solution, EN4 can highly customize its products in order to meet the needs of the customer.

Among the several purpose of EN4 systems, we can list mechanical, electrical and thermal characterization of electric motor, angular and linear actuator testing, gas flow characterization in automotive components, test on powertrain systems or functional test on home appliance.

National Instruments partnership

EN4 is certified as Silver Alliance Partner   of National Instruments, world leader in the field of measuring systems, testing and industrial automation.

The company has decided to implement and make operational a Quality Management system; soon it will complete this process with the certification of the same according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. At the following link you can read our Quality Policy.